Copper Mountain Oxygen Rental For Altitude Sickness Relief

Copper Mountain Oxygen Rentals by Alpine Oxygen provide relief from the symptoms of Altitude Sickness. Common symptoms of Altitude Sickness in Breckenridge are: Headaches, Nausea, Difficulty Sleeping, Vomiting, Loss of Appetite, Fatigue / Tiredness, Rapid Pulse, Shortness of Breath and Diarrhea.

Altitude sickness feels like a bad hangover or a case of the flu without the sore throat or cough. If you are not sure what is making you feel bad it’s most likely altitude sickness. Alpine Oxygen provides Copper Mountain oxygen rentals that will save your vacation!

Oxygen at Sea Level: 0 Feet
Oxygen in Denver, CO: 5,280 feet Above Sea Level
Oxygen at the base of Copper Mountain: 9,712 feet above Sea Level
Oxygen at the Summit of Copper Mountain: 12,313 feet above Sea Level.

Looking for a Copper Mountain oxygen rental? Let Alpine Oxygen save your vacation!

What are the risk factors for altitude sickness in Copper Mountain?

  • Living below 3,300feet
  • Fast rate of ascent to altitude
  • Past History of Altitude Sickness
  • Physical Exertion at Altitude
  • Pre-existing respiratory condition
  • Genetics

Believe it or not 40% of visitors will have some symptoms of Altitude Sickness when visiting Copper Mountain. Why suffer? Don't wait any more - Alpine Oxygen will rush over and deliver your Copper Mountain oxygen rental.

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It is best to use your oxygen rental as soon as you arrive in Copper Mountain for 20 minutes or more, when you sleep, and as symptoms dictate. In other words, “If you are feeling bad, use the oxygen.” In most cases patients sleep with oxygen, then go skiing or hiking the next day and after a while may start to feel the effects of high altitude again. They just go back and use the oxygen until they feel better, repeating this process until the end of their visit and they descend. Sometimes 20 minutes is all they need.

Renting Oxygen in Copper Mountain from Alpine Oxygen will help save your vacation from Altitude Sickness!  You'll sleep better, have an appetite, lose your headache, stop feeling nauseous and have more energy and will enjoy your visit more completely.